What We Do

We refer you to the most experienced and seasoned Realtors in your area with proven track records and local expertise.

Our friendly and experienced professionals at Agent FactCheck will assist you in selecting the right Realtor to help you achieve your goals. 

Why We’re Different

What makes our service different from other Realtor referral services is that we work directly for the real estate client. Our agent search and evaluation process is centered around the individual needs of each client. If you’re selling a home, our search parameters start with a review of every home sale in the neighborhood and a review of the agents who actually sold a home there in the past 30 days. This demonstrates recent hands-on experience selling a home in your neighborhood. This is where we begin. 

We search to find agents for you who sell between six to twenty homes per year. If you’re a home seller, we search for agents with little or no expired listings. All agents we refer must be local and a top producer.

We then select the agents who have a proven track record for selling homes all year round. These are the real top producers and have the most full time hands-on experience in all phases of complex real estate transactions, negotiations, and the escrow process. 

We personally interview all agents before referring them to you. We screen agents for you like we would for our family and friends. We have tons of past experience in real estate and escrow to use our experience to help real estate clients find the best real estate agent for them.  We help real estate clients find and hire very good real estate agents. 

We verify all data and personally interview all real estate agents.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Call us 949-484-9415 or fill out this form. It’s that easy. You will find our service to be friendly and personal as we discuss what you want and need in an agent. Your information remains private. We do not share any information without your authorization. Agent FactCheck is a free public service.