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No-cost fundraising

Welcome to our Charitable Giving Program.

Agent FactCheck was founded for dual causes. Our primary goal is to provide an excellent tool for home buyers and sellers to find and hire top-rated Realtors®. Our secondary goal is to create a successful company with a built-in charitable giving component to serve as a perpetual fundraising resource for charitable nonprofit organizations. The Agent FactCheck Charitable Giving Program is easy to use and presents an excellent fundraising opportunity for you and your favorite charitable cause.

It is estimated that a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime.
What if a charity was donated $1000 to $5000 every time they moved?

Charitable Giving Program – Program Rules

  • To participate in this program, the Donor-Clients must use a Realtor referred to the Donor-Client by Agent FactCheck and must successfully buy or sell a property located in California using the referred Agent. When signing up for our program, the Donor-Client will designate the specific nonprofit to receive the donation.
  • Requirement for designated nonprofits. The designated nonprofit charitable organization must be a registered IRC 501(c)(3).
  • The donations. The average Charitable Donation by a Client for the purchase or sale of a home in Orange County is $1,000. The amount of the donation may increase to more than $5,000, depending on the sale price. The donation is paid directly through escrow to the Designated Charity when the sale closes.
  • Complete transparency because all donations are paid directly to the Designated Charity by the escrow company. Agent FactCheck never handles the money.
  • Clients may qualify for possible state or federal tax credits for the donation. (See Tax Advisor)
  • A perpetual funding source for nonprofit charitable organizations. Every time Agent FactCheck closes a referral escrow, a donation is made to a charitable nonprofit. In the event a Client does not specify a Designated Charity, or the charity specified is not registered under I.R.C. 501(c)(3), Agent FactCheck will designate the charitable nonprofit organization to receive the donation.

It’s that simple.

Goal $1 Million in Donations

Our mission is to make your experience, whether buying or selling a home, as stress-free and convenient as possible by matching you with a highly qualified real estate professional. We combine this with our goal to refer 1,000 or more home buyers and sellers through our program every month. This would allow monthly donations to reach $1 Million per month or more. 2025 is our target. You can help by spreading the word. Thank you.

Even the smallest nonprofits can benefit from Agent FactCheck’s Charitable Giving Program.

A no-cost fundraiser should never be overlooked. This is ideal for the small to medium-size nonprofit that doesn’t have the funds to do
pay-to-play fundraisers.
Joanna Laznicka
Founder, Nonprofit Information
Most fundraising or crowdfunding websites take 5% – 10% off of every donation, plus credit card fees. That can add up to between 8% – 13% off every donation. Agent FactCheck Charitable Program doesn’t have such fees. 
Kenneth Robillard
Founding Director, Operation Jump Start
With the real estate market as hot as it is this is a great way to get donations to support your charity. Being feeless is even better.
Alexa Chase
Founder, Simply Design
Cheap and no-cost fundraisers are needed now more than ever to fund causes. Agent FactCheck Charitable Program is something nonprofits should consider.
Susan Denton
Director, Laguna Beach Garden Club

Agent FactCheck Charitable Program

We make fundraising easy, sign your nonprofit up today.

Common Questions

Any buyer or seller in any California County can donate to a charity via the Agent FactCheck Charitable Program. The designated charity can be in any state in America.

Simply getting the word out to the community is all it takes to get the word out about this Charitable Program. The best way to do this is by social media, email, newsletter, or announcement at your next event. And, ask those on your lists to spread the word among friends and associates.

Yes. Any person or entity is welcome to match donations made via this Program however these matching funds would need to be made directly to the designated charity independent of this Program.

Donations made via this Program are made directly through escrow. When the sale is complete and escrow closes, the escrow company will cut a check directly to the deignated charity.

Yes. Copy and paste this link:

Start fundraising today.

See if your charity qualifies.