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Agent FactCheck uses data-driven research to evaluate real estate agents, then interviews each to select the best agents for you. We help you hire with confidence. No cost.

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Which Realtor® Is Best For You?

Agent FactCheck is a lot more than a Realtor® referral program. We evaluate and rate real estate agents who are actively selling homes in the area you choose. Choosing your Realtor® is the most important step you’ll take in the real estate process. We’ll help you choose wisely.

The Big Difference Between Agent FactCheck and All the Others

Agent FactCheck is different because we advocate for the Client – not the agent. We eliminate 70 percent of the agents other programs accept. Real estate agents must meet our standards before we consider them for our program because we watch out for you first.

The biggest difference between us and them is that only Agent FactCheck eliminates most real estate agents from the selection process so you meet only top-rated Realtors® near you.

We are a consumer protection and referral program for home buyers and sellers – not a lead generator for real estate agents. This is why Agent FactCheck is better than all the other agent referral programs out there.

We donate $1000 to your
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What else you get with Agent FactCheck

Benefits People Experience
  • Convenience. Expert research and analysis to hire the perfect Realtor® with one call.
  • Save money. Experienced agents are better negotiators and contract managers.
  • Save time by working with agents who really know their stuff.
  • Less stress because experienced agents manage better and keep you informed
  • Enjoy a trouble-free escrow. Top agents anticipate and can solve problems early.
  • No cost and no obligation.
  • Bragging rights! You may find yourself boasting about your amazing Realtor®.
I truly believe Agent FactCheck is the best way to find a top-rated real estate agent. No more guessing. And, no online forms to complete. I recommend them because they make it easy.
Janice Walker
Laguna Niguel, CA
Having minimal experience in the world of real estate, Agent FactCheck greatly helped in hiring an honest, dependable, and experienced agent. This was very important to me. Thanks.
Judith Carré
Westminster, CA
So fortunate to have spoken with Agent FactCheck before I bought my first house. They not only helped me find a great agent, but they also helped me understand the entire process.
Jessica D
Laguna Beach, CA
I needed to sell my home and called Agent FactCheck to see what you had. I got a great real estate agent and I couldn’t have been happier. I recommend Agent FactCheck.
Lawrence B
San Clemente, CA

Step 1: Hire a Top-Rated Realtor®

We’ll point you to a very experienced local real estate agent. It’s what we do.

Common Questions

Agent FactCheck evaluates real estate agents in Southern California and provides lists of agents who rank in the top 20 percent for home sales in each area. No cost. No obligation.

We begin our search for buyers agents centering on the area where they want to buy. For home sellers, we begin with the address of the home to be sold. We use that as the center for our search. We draw a circle around that point and identify all home sales and all agents involved. We keep expanding this circle until we find the agents who qualify for our referral program — about 20 percent.

We have a two-stage agent evaluation process. All agents must pass the data-driven research stage to verify sales performance history. Only Agent FactCheck interviews agents to discuss those often forgotten things that we consider to be important to you, like time availability, planned absences, no dual-agency, and more. Simple answer: We evaluate and rate agents for you the same way we would for family and ourselves.

Agent FactCheck is a free public service. No cost. No obligation.

We need to know only enough information to conduct a special agent search for you. This includes your name, phone number, email address, and where you want to buy or sell your  home. All information you provide remains confidential. It is your option whether or not you wish to share it with any agent. 

It usually takes about two hours to find an agent, sometimes more. This includes the time of your first request for an agent to the time we notify you with your first agent. Querying databases and other online resources require very little time, however, fact-checking data, and making phone calls, and interviewing agents can take some time. 

We began in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in 2018 and currently operate throughout Southern California. Agent FactCheck is coming to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas in Q4 2021.

Agent FactCheck is tiny in comparison and operates exclusively in Southern California whereas both Realtor® and Zillow® are global powerhouses. The most significant difference between Agent FactCheck and Realtor®/Zillow® is that only Agent FactCheck is free to pick and choose agents from a field of only top-producers. This means we eliminate less-than-desirable agents from the search. Realtor®/Zillow® must consider all participating agents and this includes agents that would not qualify for Agent FactCheck. It is this difference that makes Agent FactCheck a smarter way to hire your Realtor®.

The most important thing Agent FactCheck does for you is to help you avoid hiring a bad real estate agent.

The Smart Real Estate Client | A Guide

This free guide will show you the smart way to buy or sell a home in Southern California. It will teach you how to save time, money, and avoid stress by doing it right the first time.